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Unleash the fun for your dog or puppy at That’s So Fetch! Dog Daycare in Atlanta, Georgia. Let your furry friend socialize, play, learn, grow, and make lifelong furry pals in our safe, clean, supervised environment.

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Fetch Boundless Fun for Your Dog or Puppy at That’s So Fetch Dog Daycare in Atlanta, Georgia!

Give your beloved furry friend or adorable puppy the time of their life at That’s So Fetch! Dog Daycare in Atlanta, Georgia. We’re your one-stop destination for tail-wagging excitement and exceptional care, designed for both dogs and puppies.

Why people in Atlanta, Georgia choose That’s So Fetch Dog Daycare?

🐾 Free Play Paradise: At That’s So Fetch, we understand the boundless energy of dogs and puppies. Our facility is a canine wonderland where your pet can socialize, play, and make furry friends in a safe, supervised environment.  We are proud to be a free play facility where the dogs are allowed to free roam within their designated play group.

🐕 Small Group Size: We are NOT your typical large-scale kennel with 100 dogs all in a huge room together. We offer small group settings that are tailored to your dogs size, energy level, age, and other behavioral needs.

☀️ Outdoor Time: We have a huge securely fenced backyard! Your dog will not only get to play inside but outside as well! Weather-permitting we take each playgroup out every few hours for bathroom breaks and to enjoy the outdoors with their pals.

🚿 Bath-Time Bliss: Treat your pup to a spa-like experience with our optional bathing services. Whether they’ve been frolicking all day or need a little pampering, our expert staff will have them looking and smelling fabulous.

🚐 Convenient Transportation: If getting your pup to and from our daycare is a challenge, don’t worry. Our dependable transportation service ensures your furry friend arrives safely, so you can enjoy peace of mind.

At That’s So Fetch, we treat every dog and puppy like a cherished member of our family. Our dedicated staff is committed to providing exceptional care, memorable experiences, and a clean, secure environment. Don’t let your furry companion or playful pup miss out on the fetch-tastic fun! Book their day of play at That’s So Fetch! Dog Daycare in Atlanta today. We’re thrilled to welcome your precious pet with open arms and wagging tails!

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