Payment Details and Options

All orders involving pet care services must be approved! Orders are approved as soon as possible (usually within the hour). You can find all of your orders underneath your store account (must be signed in to see link).

All orders now require payment authorization upfront. Once your order is approved, we will authorize the payment to be charged.

After the order is approved, payment will be charged and settled within 0-29 days (depending on your selected payment method).

Depending on the payment method you select, you might be charged a payment processing fee. This fee goes directly to the payment processing company.

To avoid payment processing fees:

Send money to us as a friend using your preferred mobile payment app (Paypal/Venmo/Zelle or Cashapp). Be sure to select that you're sending money to us as a friend and NOT a business or merchant to avoid the payment processing fee. We will tack on a payment processing fee if you checkout using a merchant account instead of paying us as a friend! Don't worry, your payment is still protected under our payment protection as well as our terms of service regarding refunds, returns, and cancellations. Check out our Refunds, Returns, and Cancellations Policy for more information. As a small business we do appreciate your help with this! However, if you are more comfortable paying the processing fees for additional security, please feel free to do so!

Don't forget to send it as a friend; Not as a business transaction!

That's So Fetch accepts the following payment types:
  1. Cash
  2. Mobile Apps
    • Venmo
    • Cashapp
    • Zelle
  3. Paypal
  4. Debit/Credit Cards
  5. Checks
  6. Cryptocurrency (BTC & ETH)
  7. Pet Points

The terms Authorization, Hold, Capture, Settlement, and Sale refer to different transaction types that we can perform.

  • Authorization

An authorization, provided by the customer’s card issuing bank, confirms the cardholder’s ability to pay. You submit an authorization request in response to a customer credit card purchase request. The card-issuing bank verifies the customer's ability to pay by checking their available funds. If they are sufficient, the bank reduces the cardholder's available credit balance by the amount of the authorization and responds to the authorization request with an approval.

  • Hold

The practice, within the payment industry, of placing a hold on funds authorized for a credit card purchase. This amount appears as a reduction in the cardholder’s credit line until either the transaction is cleared by the merchant (settled), or the hold expires. Hold expiration times may vary by issuing bank/payment processor.

  • Capture

After providing a service/product to the customer, you request a capture of the authorization in order to receive funds by referencing the approved authorization in a capture (sometimes referred to as settlement) request. Your processor uses the capture request to initiate settlement, resulting in a funds transfer between the customer's credit card account and your checking account.

  • Settlement

Settlement is the process of transferring the funds for a purchase from the customer's card issuing bank to the merchant's acquiring bank. The issuing bank transfers funds to the acquiring bank (minus an interchange fee), which then transfers funds to the merchant's deposit account (minus a discount fee).

  • Sale

A sale combines the authorization and capture process in one transaction. Credit card associations require that you submit a sale transaction request only when you fulfill an order immediately, e.g., digital item, selling an item over the counter in a retail store, etc... Transactions that include physical shipments are not fulfilled until shipment and do not qualify as sales transactions until physical item is received by customer.