What is dog boarding and how does it work?

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No matter how much you love your dog(s), there will come a moment when you have to leave them behind, whether it's due to illness, vacation, travel, or sudden emergency. Sometimes bringing them along is not an option. So, what does a dog owner do when they have to go out of town and can't bring their pet along with them? Actually, they have a few options:

  1. Get a close friend or family member to help you with your pets
  2. Send their dog to a dog boarding facility like That's So Fetch
  3. Hire a pet sitter to come over and take care of the pups

How does dog boarding work?

Dog boarding is a service that provides a safe and comfortable place for dogs to stay while their owners are away. Boarding facilities typically have kennels where the dogs can stay, as well as a play area where the dogs can run and play. Boarding facilities also typically have staff who are experienced in handling and caring for dogs.

Typically, dog owners will first take their dog to the boarding facility for a meet and greet. This is a chance for the dog to meet the staff and for the staff to meet the dog. If both the dog and the staff seem to get along, the dog can then be booked for a boarding stay. Meet and greets are a good time to discuss any concerns you might have about boarding your dog(s).

During the stay, the dog will typically be housed in a suite or kennel. The kennel will usually have a bed, food and water bowl, and a potty area. The dog will also have access to the play area, where they can run and play with other friendly dogs. Boarding staff will monitor the dogs and also provide regular feeding and watering.

How much does dog boarding cost?

The cost of boarding a dog varies depending on the facility. Be warned, it can get expensive! Typically, rates start at around $40 per night per dog. Boarding facilities may offer discounts for longer stays or for multiple dogs from the same family. If you're interested in boarding your dog(s), check out our dog boarding option at That’s So Fetch in Atlanta, Georgia. We offer a unique, one-of-a-kind dog boarding experience and also give discounts as well as rewards points to our all of our clients.

Is dog boarding safe?

Yes, generally dog boarding is safe. Boarding facilities are typically staffed with people who are experienced in handling and caring for dogs. In addition, boarding facilities typically have insurance and policies in place to ensure the safety of both the dogs and the staff. At That's So Fetch, we pride ourselves by running an ethical and socially responsible business. We are always transparent with our clients and will address any concerns or questions without hesitation.

Dog Boarding and Atlanta, Georgia

There are a number of dog boarding options in Atlanta, GA. For starters, you could use a kennel or a boarding facility. These places often offer different levels of service, so be sure to do your research before selecting a boarding option.

Another option for boarding your dog is to use an online service like Rover or DogVacay. These are web-based platforms that connects dog owners with local dog sitters. All of the dog sitters are licensed and insured, and they must pass a background check. This is a great option if you want your dog to have a personal pet sitter while you're away.

You could also consider using a local pet-sitting service. These services often offer a variety of services, such as dog walking, feeding, and playing. They may also offer additional services like administer medication or bring in the mail.

Finally, the last option would be to arrange care for your pet with a close friend or family member. This is a great option if they love dogs and don't mind taking time out of their day. If you go this route, return the favor and buy them something nice!


So, whether you're looking for kennels, boarding facilities, pet sitters, or dog walkers, Atlanta has a number of options to choose from. Feel free to contact us if you want to come check out our boarding facility. We love to make new friends.

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