Dog Breed Identification DNA Testing

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A dog DNA test is a scientific procedure that is used to determine a dog’s breed and genetic profile. This information can be used to help owners better care for their pets and can also be helpful for those who are considering adding a dog to their family.

That’s So Fetch! will administer the dog breed identification test and upload the results to your account. It can take up to two to four weeks for results to get analyzed and delivered from the lab.

Please note that the primary purpose of this DNA test is for breed identification. It does not include DNA testing for any health-related conditions or genetic markers. 

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Learn all there is to know about your furry friend with a Dog Breed DNA Test Kit. This DNA test will reveal your pup’s breed, ancestry, and so much more!

  • Analyzes over 200K genetic markers and screens for over 350 breeds.
  • Find out which breeds are represented in your dog’s genes and trace her ancestry back to her great-grandparents through comparison to a dog DNA database built from samples of over 1.7 million other dogs.
  • Learn about potential medical complications and adverse reactions to medications with over 25 medical complication tests, including the MDR1 medication sensitivity test.
  • Discover your dog’s ideal weight range based on her DNA so you can help your dog maintain a healthy weight.
  • See what physical traits your dog’s likely to possess in adulthood and why—all due to their genetic makeup.
  • Testing is easy and painless
  • Results typically arrive in as few as 2 – 4 weeks. Results are delivered to your email as well as uploaded to your That’s So Fetch user account.
  • Check out our blog post on dog DNA testing to learn more about this service.

Due to the nature of this product, we do NOT offer refunds on this service!