Dog friendly parks in or near Atlanta, Georgia with map and directions!

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Here is a Google Map that shows all of the dog friendly parks in or near Atlanta, Georgia.

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Did you know that your dog(s) love to go to new places and smell new things? We think it’s time you take your dog to a new spot! The cool part is that Atlanta, Georgia is pretty dog friendly and no matter where you're headed, we can point you towards the nearest dog-friendly park. Check out the Google Map above and the corresponding list below of all the sweet places you can take your dog(s) exploring!

Here is a list of the locations of the dog friendly parks in or near Atlanta, Georgia. The list and map are coordinated by numbers.

1.     That's So Fetch! Dog Daycare
2.     South Bend Dog Park
3.     Piedmont Dog Park
4.     Freedom Barkway Dog Park
5.     Oakhurst Dog Park
6.     Atlantic Station Dog Park
7.     Renaissance Dog Park
8.     Adair Dog Park
9.     Kirkwood Dog Park
10.  Mason Mill Dog Park
11.  Ormewood Dog Yard
12.  Skyland Dog Park
13.  John R. Lewis Memorial Park & Dogpark
14.  Hartsfield-Jackson Dog Park
15.  Sumner Park
16.  Center Park
17.  East Point Dog Park
18.  Lynwood Park
19.  Georgian Hills Park
20.  Blackburn Park
21.  Brookhaven Park
22.  Frankie Allen Park
23.  Tanyard Creek Park
24.  Peachtree Hills Park
25.  Buckhead Triangle Park
26.  Little Nancy Creek Park
27.  Tower Place Park
28.  Walker Park

29.  Sykes Park
30.  CRNRA -East Palisades Unit - Whitewater Trail
31.  CRNRA - Paces Mill Unit
32.  Oakdale Park
33.  Jonquil Park
34.  Rockdale Park
35.  Cascade Springs Nature Preserve
36.  Westview Cemetery Inc.
37.  Morningside Nature Preserve
38.  Morgan-Boulevard Park
39.  Deerwood Park
40.  Cabbagetown Park
41.  Enota Park
42.  Fetch Park
43.  Abernathy Greenway
44.  McKoy Park
45.  Brookside Park
46.  Glenlake Dog Park
47.  Herbert Taylor Park
48.  Gresham Park
49.  Palisades West Trail
50.  Cochran Shoals Trail
51.  CRNRA - Powers Island Unit
52.  Marsh Creek Rain Garden Park
53.  North Buckhead Park
54.  Allen Park
55.  Chastain Memorial Park
56.  Sandy Springs - Ridgeview Park