Pet Sprinkler Pad


  • The Pet Sprinkler Pad is a perfect way to keep your pet cool and hydrated in the summer heat
  • The pad is filled with water and covers a large area, making it the perfect spot for your pet to lay down and cool off
  • The Pet Sprinkler Pad is easy to use – just fill it up with water and plug it in
  • The pad will automatically start spraying water to keep your pet cool and hydrated

If you purchase this product you will earn 8980-12981 Pet Points per item

If you purchase this product you will earn 8980-12981 Pet Points per item

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4 Steps to Use

1. Put the gasket on the connector

2. Install the water pipe connector

3. Connect the water pipe to the mat

4. Attach the water pipe to the faucet and fill the water