LED Flashlight Dog Repeller


  • A dog repeller is a wearable electronic device that emits powerful ultrasonic vibrations that dogs can hear but humans cannot perceive.
  • Radiation stops an aggressive dog and makes it fly.
  • The device is especially effective if the dog turns in your direction and appears threatening.
  • The ultrasound will not cause physical harm to the dog, only severe discomfort, panic, and a desire to hide.
  • It is most effective when exposed to aggressive stray dogs.

If you purchase this product you will earn 5712-6124 Pet Points per item

If you purchase this product you will earn 5712-6124 Pet Points per item

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Dimensions (LxWxH): 12x4x2.5 cm.
Frequency: 25 kHz
Sound pressure: 150 decibels.
Maximum current consumption: 130 mA.
Power supply: 9V “Krona” type battery (not included).
Housing material: metal. plastic.
Function: training, scare away, LED backlight.

Instructions for use:

Protective function Aim the device precisely at aggressive dogs, as the repeller’s ultrasonic radiation is directed. Don’t put your hands in the dog’s direction and keep walking. Animals felt the repellent’s effect at maximum range (6-15 meters), but the best effect was achieved at a distance of 3-5 meters. Training Use of the device on domestic and calm dogs may not elicit the expected response except during training. This device can be used to train your pet. For example, if the dog does not obey any commands, negative motivation must be given. It’s easier and more user-friendly to use a dog repeller instead of expensive long-range shock collars and physical shocks. It can be used from a distance without causing harm to the dog and is completely safe for him. To teach your dog commands, use an ultrasonic repeller regularly during training along with appropriate verbal commands (such as “quiet”). You can use the device from a distance of at least 3 meters for the best results. With the help of an ultrasonic repeller, you can punish your dog for disobedience, as well as get him to quit bad habits like chewing and picking up foreign objects on the street.

Your dog may run out of the training area the first time you train with the ultrasonic repeller. Such reactions are not uncommon.

Rules for using an ultrasonic dog repeller:
If there is a threat of attack by an aggressive dog, point the repeller at the animal and press the power button for 2-4 seconds. Change the radiation direction slightly to find the most efficient sector for the device. Repeat the repeller action if necessary. A dog’s usual reaction when using a repeller is to back away or run to the side. Use the repeller only when the dog is active. Do not use the device on a calm or sleeping dog to provoke aggression. This device is most effective on dogs with large, splayed ears (sheepdogs, terriers, etc.). Do not let the device get wet or drop it. When the brightness of the LED decreases, the battery must be replaced. Restrictions When turned on, do not point the device at the ears or eyes of people or pets. This can cause hearing and vision damage. Do not test an electronic dog repeller on your pet to avoid negative attitudes towards the owner. Do not give the device to children. Ultrasound repellers are not very effective for sedated, deaf, specially trained dogs, and dogs with rabies.