Auto Pet Feeder

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  • This is a multifunctional dog feeder that combines a slow feeder and an automatic feeder
  • This feeder can effectively slow down the dogs’ eating speed and protect their diet health, reduce the dog’s anxiety, boredom, and destructive behavior, and let them enjoy food while playing

If you purchase this product you will earn 12796 Pet Points per item

If you purchase this product you will earn 12796 Pet Points per item

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Fun Feeding

When the dogs gently press the button on the top of the interactive dog feeder, a small amount of food will fall randomly in 4 directions through the food hole at the bottom, Unpredictable direction food will make the dog more excited and expectant, and the feeding process will be more interesting. This toy is only suitable for dry food below 0.45 inches.

Puzzle Toy

You can press the button for a demonstration and guide the dog to press the button with its paw. After many attempts to learn, the dog can easily recognize that pressing the button will cause food to fall. Interacting with this toy can arouse the dog’s interest, can improve the dog’s IQ, and help the dog’s physical and mental health.

Anti-slip and Anti-fall

There are 4 washable and reusable tapes and there are 4 suction cups on the bottom of the treat toy. The whole toy can be easily sucked on the smooth wooden floor or tile and would not be pushed down by the dogs.

Dog Food Dispenser Toy Interactive to Slow Eating

When the dog gently presses the button on the top, a number of dog food can be easily and randomly dropped out through four leakage channels at the bottom, and the food can be provided on the tower-shaped food slope.
This dog food dispenser container with a button has a function that can slow down the speed of feeding, and keep the dog’s gastrointestinal health.

Dog Food Dispenser Toy Indoor

The dog is guided to tap the button on the top of the product by this paw, to get food or snacks, which is a reward for the dog’s behavior.
Doing this protection can attract interest, improve dogs’ intelligence, and relieve dogs’ daily anxiety when they need the company of the owner.