Anti Barking Device

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  • While some neighbors don’t care about their dog yelping, others, like you, are unsure what to do. So, instead of suffering, why not try The ultrasonic dog bark deterrent? The Unwearable device makes dogs more bearable by stopping their bark.
  • Our dog barking control devices outdoors were conveniently designed with multiple settings. The multi-directional microphone picks up dogs in any direction! Mode 1: Low Range (up to 15 feet); Mode 2: Medium Range (up to 30 feet); Is it further away? Mode 3: High Range (discourage all dogs outside up to 50ft.)
  • This dog silencer ultrasonic bark control has been tested and proven entirely harmless to humans, animals, and plants. Because of its precise sonic frequency, you may not even hear it! It’ll take up to 2 weeks for the barker to “learn” what the piercing noise means.
  • This small barking dog deterrent is easy to mount on a wall, on a tree, or on a fence post near your house. Plus, It is easy to set up and use, making it the best pet training electronic for your puppy.
  • Built with the highest quality to ensure long-term use; it is waterproof and durable so you can hang it outdoors in all weather. It takes a 1x 9V Battery (Batteries Not Included), making it an excellent outdoor bark control for dogs. So why not try it out now – you’ll love the quiet, and your dog will love not being yelled at!


If you purchase this product you will earn 16160 Pet Points per item

If you purchase this product you will earn 16160 Pet Points per item

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